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    In November 2003, Big tree was founded.

  • 2006

    America Big Tree Co., Ltd was founded.
  • 2007

    Jieyang Big Tree toys CO.,Ltd was founded; America CDI investment company was introduced into.
  • 2008

    Aiming to develop the domestic market,Beijing Big Tree Sales Company was founded;Meanwhile, Beijing Big Tree Toys direct-sale store in Jinyuanyansha mall was opened.
  • 2009

    Beijing Big Tree Toys direct-sale store in Bairongshimao mall was opened.
  • 2010

    Big Tree’s domestically developed products, toy bricks, has obtained the national layout-design invention patent and the utility model patent.
  • 2011

    Big Tree was relocated to a new factory in Pengnan district, Yingbin Road.At the same time, Mr lin, as the chairman of Big Tree CO., Ltd, was selected as a member of the Shantou CPPCC.Meanwhile, Big Tree was awarded as Chinese credit brand.And Shantou Xinzhongyang Toys CO., Ltd and Shantou Biaojian Technology CO,.Ltd were founded.
  • 2012

    Big Tree toys was approved by ICTI, and was awarded as “Vice-president unit of Shantou association of industry and commerce”, “Vice-president unit of Shantou Young Entrepreneurs Association” and “Vice-president unit of Shantou chamber of import and export trade”. At the end of 2012, Big Tree was listed in U.S NASDAQ stock market, and verified by environmental impact assessment.
  • 2013

    Big tree acquired Youbang Express Company. At the same time, Big Tree has built the largest showroom in Yuedong-- Big Tree International Toys City. It is highly awarded as “ the Industrial base of E-commerce in Longhu District in Shantou”. Meanwhile, one of our product, block car, has obtained the national layout-design invention patent and the utility model patent.
  • 2014

    Big Tree was approved to build a Shantou Engineering Research and Development Center which is about educational toys.And Big Tree was also selected as Shantou Private High-tech Firms, approved to became the first National IPR Normalize Cultivate Market, identified as the platform of toy export public technology service and selected as the Vice-president Unit of Guangdong Procurement and Supply Chain Association as well.
  • 2015

    Big Tree was awarded as “High-integrity enterprise- A class” and our block cars has won the seventh Shantou Patent Award. Big Tree has been selected as the Shantou demonstration unit of cultivating and practicing the socialist core values.
  • 2016

    Big Tree’s toy bricks, has obtained Excellent Prize in the Fist Mayor Cup Industrial Design Competition (Special e-commerce competition). And was also selected as the Vice-president of Shantou PPAC.
  • 2017

    After thirteen-year well-grounded development,“Big Tree trade mark” is also awarded as Guangdong famous trademark and is selected as a demonstration unit of Producer Service Functional Area.
  • 2018

    BIG TREE TOYS had established BIG TREE Yiwu Branch Office and BIG TREE Russia Branch Office. BIG TREE are also certified as the Guangdong Province New High-tech Enterprise.
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